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Profe Croghan has been teaching online Spanish courses since 2009. She knows what it takes to learn a language online and her students always love to learn from her because teaching is her passion. Learn effectively and interactively.

How It Works

Spanish Clicks is led by a highly qualified Spanish instructor with various courses offered. Spanish Clicks helps you to learn Spanish effectively through interactive teaching methods. For all classes there is a breathing instructor receiving and reviewing assignments and returning feedback.


Spanish Click’s programs are PERFECT for co-ops.Spanish Clicks offers online classes with special rates for co-ops. Learn Spanish easily.

Spanish Clicks is language learning for the 21st Century.  Spanish Clicks is interactive learning.   We provide opportunities for you to learn Spanish on your own time, at your own place, at your own pace.  There is a wide array of different Spanish lessons.

If you are looking to learn Spanish on your own time, but still receive personal communication and interactive feedback from a certified and experienced instructor then Spanish Clicks is for you.  Our pre-K through high school classes provide the convenience of online or blended instruction, the most interactive Spanish lessons, the passion for the Spanish language and culture, and the motivation to help achieve bilingualism in a reasonable time frame.  It won’t be long before you say, “I get it now!  Spanish clicks!

Spanish Clicks for Homeschooling

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This is our second semester learning Spanish with Croghan Language Academy. My boys are always excited to do Young Amigos! Profe Krista has developed a program that is fun and engaging with just the right amount of challenge. Each week incorporates a Young Cocineros recipe which allows the students to make a dish of Hispanic origin. It is one of the highlights in my children's school week! We also use Rosetta Stone, which incorporates a different style for learning a foreign language, on days when we don't do Young Amigos. I feel that the Croghan Language Academy fills in the gaps and provides new ways to learn and incorporate Spanish into our daily lives. Thanks for creating this great program!
Lorrie Morgan - Homeschooling Mom of 3 Children

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